Charles Mphande

Dr. Charles Mpande’s contact with WUS has been through WUS Canada’s Malawi program, first meeting Canadian volunteer teachers when he was a school principal in Malawi, where he was born. He studied in Malawi, the UK and Australia. While in Malawi, he taught in high schools and rose to Principal class during which time he interacted with Canadian volunteer teachers from Canada to Malawi. He went on to be a teacher trainer before he joined Chancellor College, University of Malawi, then he left for Australia where he is now a Senior Lecturer in Community Studies at Victoria University, his alma mater. Further, he is a member of the Pan-African Australasian Diaspora Network (PAADN) which has been actively engaged in African Union together with the United Nations’ matters pertaining to the International Decade of People of African Descent, and African diaspora engagement with Africa. As a Council member of PAADN, he is working with the African Union towards greater Australia and Africa partnerships among the African diaspora.